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Awards & sculpture in public spaces.

1980       “100 Years Museum of Fine Arts” Third Honorable Mention in Sculpture

1985       First Prize of Sculpture in Society Teleton Building

1994       First Prize “Don Jorge Alessandri Competition” (ex-Chilean President), Constitution Square, Santiago, Chile
1994       First Prize, Chilean Public Works Ministry Competition, “Friendship” placed on the El Encuentro Bridge, Palena, Chile
1994       First Prize, Padre Alberto Hurtado Competition erected on the Plaza Padre Hurtado tomb and Plaza Padre Alberto
                Hurtado-Kennedy, Santiago, Chile

1997       2nd. Award Competition Subway Bustamante Station, Asociación Chilena de Seguridad, Santiago, Chile
1997       Special Award, Ciudad Empresarial, sculpture to be installed, Huechuraba, Chile
1997       First Prize, Semi-figurative Sculpture at “Second International Fine Arts Competition”, ACE, Barcelona, Spain

1998       Mural at Coraceros Building, Viña del Mar, Chile
1998       Tribute to Marcela Paz “Papelucho” Nueva Costanera Avenue, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile
1998       Padre Hurtado Sculpture, Plaza Parroquia Viña del Mar, Chile

1999       “She Swings”, Fund for the Development of Cultura, Ministry of Education (FONDART), 
                installed at Municipality of La Reina,Santiago, Chile
1999       Sculpture at Chilean Security Association, Santiago, Chile

2000       Sculpture “Friendship” installed at Libertador Avenue, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2000       “Waves” Sculpture, National Association of Fishing, Valparaiso, Chile
2000       “Padre Alberto Hurtado” Sculpture, Plaza de Armas, Casablanca, Chile
2000       “Padre Alberto Hurtado” Sculpture, Mapocho Station, Padre Alberto Hurtado Bridge, Santiago, Chile

2001       “Peace” Sculpture, Mall Plaza Vespucio, Santiago, Chile
2001       “Woman climbing”, Visual Art Museum, Plaza Mulato Gil de Castro, Santiago, Chile

2002       Tribute to Father Hurtado (steel) Alameda and General Velazquez, Santiago, Chile

2003       “The Hands” Sculpture, (steel), University of Talca Park, Talca, Chile

2004       “Visual Circle” Valley of the Artists Sculpture Park, Lolol, VI Region, Chile
2004       Intercomunal Park of La Reina, Tribute to Father Hurtado, Santiago, Chile

2005       Tribute to “Rodrigo Ambrosio and to the 42 Prisoners and Disappeared of the MAPU, General Cementery, Santiago, Chile
2005       “Tribute to Father Hurtado” sculpture., Antofagasta, Chile

2006       “Vital Circle”,Sculpture at Security Building, Santiago, Chile

2007       First Prize, sculpture at “Asociacion Chilena de Seguridad”, Concepcion, Chile
                First Prize, sculpture in honor of Mr. Ernesto Ayala, installed at CMPC, Laja, Chile

2008       First Prize, sculpture in honor of Mr. Andronico Luksic, Antofagasta, Chile (in progress)
2008       “Candle Woman”, Villacero Foudation, Monterrey, México


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